01 October 2010

I was thinking !!!

some thing strange have happend and I couldn't find an explanation to it ..???
my little sister favorite cupcake pajama pants have shrinken by only one leg.. the other one is fine !!!
I mean that one of the pajama pants leg is now shorter than the other ?? how come O.o ??
it's my baby sis favorite one and she keeps wearing it alot .. that's why i feel sorry for her .


Unique Girl said...

ويييه شلون صارت هذي

الله يعينها ان شاء الله وتشتري وحده نفسها واحسن منها

star said...

ما ادري ليش جذيه شكلا غريب ريل برمودا و ريل عادية



~أم حرّوبي~ said...

ههههه غريبة ..بس ونااسه تطلع موضة يديدة ^^

النوري said...

loooooooooooooool how can that happen??
buy her another one or keep wearing it:p

star said...


the thing is she liked the way it became and don't want to change it ;)

star said...

أم حروبي

شفتي شلون وااايد حابه بجامتها بالشكل اليديد تقول ستايل