30 May 2011

A different kind of Art

Katie Alves
Tangled Lantern Eyes

Little Mermaid Eyes

Alice in Wonderland Eyes

Lion King eyes

fairy eyes

Ice Castle Eyes

Aladdin Eyes
Katie do this art makeup on her own and on her owneyelids WAW.. the tiny details on her work is amazing and soo beautiful ..really talented you can see her art in her page in tumblr  

in & out of may

Hi girles :)

this is my may hits and misses


Blanc Régent from Biogénie

this cream have been prescribed by my Derma Doc long time ago and i used to like it, I remmemberd it recently and so I bought it again .. well I khow now why did I loved it back then its really a good moisturizing cream that help in fading skin's pigmentary marks and nourishes the complexion and adds brightness and radiance to your skin. its a french brand sold at phaemaces.

créme de jour from louis widmer

this is my daily moistusizing cream its light in textureit but deeply moisturise the skin and also help slow down the skin ageing process as it contains some anti-ageing ingredients the smell is a little off but this is the only down fall. highly recommended


The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash and Toner.

the cleancing wash is oil-free and soap-free gel that should deep cleanses to clear open pores and rinse away excess oils and impurities, the Toner is also oil-free and it should help to minimize pores and reduce excess oil .. me as an oily skin person is highly sensitive to the word soap-free in a wash ( cause I had enough from the strong stuff ) I automaticly graped it, but maybe its toooo mild, I have to wash my face twice to get the feeling that my skin is clean, the toner is strange also there is bubles on top and it's foams in the cotton pad like it's kind of soapy water , ewww . I really hated it , maybe and thats my guess that because of the seaweed ingredient in this line that my face have this strange rash around my eyes and mouth ??? I stoped using it imedetly.. another off factor for me was this loud scents in these product , such strongly perfumed smell kind of like some hotel toiletries which I hate and never use..

Lush tea tree toner

هذا التونر من لاش ثاني مرة أجربه كتبت عنه قبل سنة تقريباً هنا  .. الي عاجبني فيه أنه تركيبته تنفع حق فترة الصيف لانه خفيف وتركيبته كلها ماي وما فيه كحول ينفع حق الي بشرتهم حساسة .. طريقته كأنه سبراي أقدر ارشه على ويهي مباشرة يبرد على البشرة وينظفها خاصة أن التي تري معروف كمعقم ضد البكتيريا .. هاذي العلبة الصغيرة بس تكفي لمدة طويله تقريباً شهرين وسعر التونر 3.750 دينار.

وبالنسبة حق الأشياء الثانية الي كنت كاتبه عنها في نفس البوست الي فيه التونر .. صابونة سيبا ميد مستمرة استخدمها حق ويهي مع اني جربت اشياء ثانية بس هاذي الصابونة تظل موجودة معاهم  وفي غسول ثاني زين من ماركة معروفة راح اسوي عنه رفيو بروحه ويمكن اسوي رفيو بس حق انواع غسول الويه الي جربتهم .. كريمات إليمس وايد زينين كترطيب بس ما شريتهم مرة ثانية .

29 May 2011

BB updates





I noticed that many westren brands now have a BB Creams on their line of products imitating the asian brands it's a massive market the asian market with a new "habba" wich is the BB creams , I hope they treat us as an asian market cause we are asian after all, so that we can enjoy useing these BB creams here in Kuwait .

Lancome GÉNIFIQUE review

Lancome new genigique line claims to boost genes' activity and stimulate the production of youth proteins in your skin wich results in a radiant - as if lit from within- soft and velvety to the touch skin in just 7 days.

well I'm impressed!

I've been using this product for a while now and I've seen an improvement in my skin it made my skin soft and gives it a healthy glow. I would purchase it again.

melissa in river island

spoted these melissa shoes at river island

mac quite cute

Soooooo Cute

I'm palying with this adorable baby pink polish from mac quite cute collection

and it gave me such a nostalgistic feeling of me as a kid loveing all pastel colors , Barbie and Hello Kitty stuff ...

so feeling like my 10 years old self back

I treated the little princess inside me to a yummy lollipop

maybe I'll go watch some ladylady or my little pony on youtube


27 May 2011

the body shop

The body shop have 25% sale on eveeeeeeery thing for 3 days

it's a good chance if you wanna buy the body butters or what ever you like from their range



Loewe autumn winter 2011 ring collection

Lara Bohinc


where do I begin ?

I whant one of each


26 May 2011

Neal's Yard

I was asked by my sister to pick some stuff for her while I was in dubai from Neal's Yard shop she is a big fan of there products, Neal's Yard is a British beauty company that uses only wild, organic and natural ingredients and also their products have received a whole bunch of awards.. their products are a little pricey but I don't mind investing in my skin care..

I didn't for some resone try their product befor but I just was hocked the moment I steped in this little aromatic shop and what I picked was :

Almond Moisturiser: Protects and nourishes SENSITIVE skin. Vitamin rich almond and evening primrose oils are combined with geranium and lemon to prevent moisture loss and tone the skin.

كريم اللوز حلو للبشرة الحساسة فيه زيوت طبيعية يرطب البشرة ويغذيها ريحته اتهبل على ماي ورد وليمون

Palmarosa Facial Wash : Deeply cleanses oily and combination skin. Removes inpurities without stripping away natural oils.
غسول بالماروزا للبشرة المختلطة يوازن نسبة الدهون في البشرة حلو ينظف من غير ما ينشف البشرة

Lavender Toner : Tones and soothes oily and combination skin. Organic high-altitude French lavender and soothing aloe vera tone, refine and help clarify the complexion.

تونر اللافندر للبشرة الدهنية والمختلطة اورجانيك لافندر مع الوفيرا يصفى البشرة ويهديها

Purifying Palmarosa Daily Moisture : Mattifying hydration for OILY or COMBINATION skin. A lightweight, easily absorbed blend of palmarosa, alpine willowherb and elemi helps balance excess oils, purify and nourish skin.

مرطب بالماروزا يوازن نسبة الدهون في البشرة ويصفيها ويرطبها بس ما حبيت ريحته صايره على اعشاب

Daily Brightening : Brightens, nourishes and corrects, Diminishes the appearance of dark spots and uneven pigmentation as skin is nourished and hydrated. Skin looks more even and luminous and feels beautifully soft, smooth and better protected.

مرطب التفتيح اليومي يوحد لون البشرة ويوخر التبقعات الداكنة في الجلد بس للحين ما جربته

هذي الاشياء الي خذيتها من بوتيك نيلز يارد اذا كنتوا تحبون المنتجات الطبيعية الي على ريحة اعشاب وورود راح تحبون هذي الماركة


يعني حتى الليبل لما تقرونه تقريبا كل شي مكتوب فيه تفهمون شنو اهوه وهذا اهم شي لأن كمية المركبات الحافظة والكيماوية في منتجات العناية بالبشرة مو طبيعية وحلو الواحد يتجه للشي الطبيعي والمفيد

25 May 2011


we enjoyed shake shack-ing
toy's for burgers

I wasn't going to post about shake shack burger cause everyone else have done a great job of it, I'm going to talk about the crinkle fries with cheese on top  it's sooo yumm and I'm craving it soo much that today I went to the kitchen and tried to make some but the cheese turned to be like fondue a good one acually ..

 I guess we'll have aloooooong line here in Kuwait when it's open same as binkberry phenomena we had before, but this time with a small toy that will make you wait for it's shakin' ..

don't you love the burj khalifah view? I do

هدية الجوثن

اختي ردت  اليوم ومعاها بوكسات هدايا لونهم أحمر وزعتهم عليهم مندوبة مركز الجوثن للتجميل .. شنو موجود داخل البوكس:

كرت عضوية بخصم 10% لمدة سنة - جلسة علاج للأيد بقيمة 5 دنانير - كرت  50% هدايا من قيمة المشتريات 

عليها بالعافية