25 April 2012

poca & poca

poca & poca is a young and emerging fashion brand from Poland founded in 2010, and I guess it's based in Dubai and sold only in GCC countires, The feminine and cute  pieces are handmade at Poland the origin of the brand, by a team of tailors and artists working together..
I found the S\S 2012 collection available at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall and also pieces at gojiboutique here in Kuwait

Horn Loaf

 These fresh Horn Loaf (Hungarian sweet rolls) tastes heavenly! Suggest you try the original roll with cinnamon.. I was planning to go again to try all other flavors in Festival Mall in Dubai but didn't find time :(

جربوها صج لذيذه وخفيفه الي جربتها كانت بالدارسين وايد حلوة ومتحسفة ليش ما جربت بعد الانواع الثانية الي بالجوز أو الكاكاو     
موجود الكشك في فيستفيال مول بدبي وما أعرف اذا كان موجود بأماكن ثانية بعد 

24 April 2012

Enjoying Art at Christie's Dubai .. last part

As I said before I'm saving the best for last.. let's continue our tour
 (here: part I & part II)


repetto opening soon in Dubai Mall

 Last week I saw a boarded-up space in Dubai Mall for repetto opening soon .. It had actual Shoes hanging from the wall

soo cute & creative too

Just like the it Bag

لما كنت اتمشى في دبي مول لفتو نظري هذولا الجناط .. نفس ديزاين جنطه ماركة سيلين المشهورة 

من محل أسمه VICCNI

23 April 2012

Enjoying Art at Christie's Dubai.. part 2

Let's continue our part II tour (part I here)in the art gallery held in Christie's Dubai last week :)

وايد لوحات حبيناهم بالمعرض ..  اعتقد مبين من كثر الصور الي خذيناهم وبعد فيه غيرهم بس قاعدة اختار منهم والصراحة احترت وانا انقي ..

To be continued with final part.. As they say save the best for last :)