13 April 2011

my current daily routine

Hi every one :)

So my little star have been nagging me for quite some time now ( WHY DON'T YOU BUT SOME POSTS , WHY ARENT YOU WRITING ANY MORE IN THE BLOG , WHY WHY WHY ...etc ) well it's really time consuming to post every day and some times I don't feel like it , you khow ?

Soooo today I'm sharing my daily skin care routine ..

my skin is Oily mostly but with some normal spots and also sensitive to many products and I easly breakout so you can call it a deficult skin , teehee.

laitly I'll always have some blimishes on my face , I'm fed up with it, so I wanted to try the clinique 3 step system ,old system but still popular ..

As you can see I'm almost half thruogh the bottels so I can give you my review of the products , I could tell my skin had been cleansed more thoroughly, BUT , I still have some blimishes smaller in the size YES ,but they are there , not as much as before but I wished they were totally gone, and my skin feel dried out with so many dry patchies here and there :( mybe my TONER wich is no.3 is stronger for my skin maybe I should go with the one for the normal skin type .. I don khow ??

So , what my routine is : first I wash my face with the Liquid Facial Soap then I use the toner No.3 then I will wipe my face after the toner with boots Skin Tonic in Damask Rose ( first one to the right ) I loooove the smell of roses and it totaly make my face fresh and dewy and it helps brighten the tone of the skin , wondeful .

Next I will be appling the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate, the blue bottle , this product is amazing , my skin have improved after it was so dull and now its soft , its a pure essential oils but the skin absorbe it quickly and you won't feel any oiliness , you only need a couble of drops ..

after that I will but clinique even better concentrate it's ( the tall one ) it's helps to even out the skin tone and reduce the dark spots of old acne , I've been using it for a month now with the even better day cream for day time routine and ummm I can say that I've notesed some imrovement but not that much , so I dont think I will reburchas it maybe try some other product and see if I will get even better results but all in all I love there texture and smell ..

and last but not least I want share some reviews about two Kiehl's , I LOOOOOVE all Kiehl's product and I'm addicted to them , I realy like the acai berry moisturizer and the photo- age correction moisturizer they realy improve the skin tone an condition and texture .. I highly recommend them ..

Hope this post was infomative, and that you share your own skin care products and what do you recommend :) take care all .

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