18 October 2011

Beauty Vending Machine

This is interesting
 Have you seen a makeup or skin care vending machine before .. That is something I would actually want to see in Kuwait airport a7san min the old small Duty free they have ^_^



Anonymous said...

in the states there is an Apple vending machine (specifically at Macy's!), you can get almost everything except iPhones and computers!

star said...

Hi there Anony

yes when I searched for the images I saw Apple/Macy's one :) I loved the idea too

Shaikah said...

الله خوش شيء والله

Made n Q8 said...

ماخلوا شي مشالله
حلوه فكرتهم بدال لا يحطون وحده تقرق فوق راسج واهيا ماتدري وين الله حاطها

يعطييج العافيه

star said...

hello shaikah & Made ^_^

انا حدي معجبة بالفكرةأصلا ودي اجربها بس علشان اهمه داخل هالمكاين

رورو الشخبوطه said...

وايد حلوه فكرته واريح من الطريقه العاديه..

مثل ماقالت مدمد ..


النوري said...

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats nice loved the vending machine