07 August 2010

Niftee by Aljoud

I made my self a personalized shawl from Niftee, it's soooo chic, I loved the idea and loved my shawl before receiving it and loved it more after seeing it.

you can get your personalized shawls by order from Niftee by facebook


Aljoud (Niftee) said...

Big big thanks for posting a photo of your recent purchase from Niftee! I'm glad you loved your shawl and I'm SUPER happy to come across your blog!!
Thank you, again, for the feature!! Truly appreciated.
Aljoud from Niftee

star said...

Hello Aljoud and welcome in our blog ,, don't thank us dear it's our pleasure to write about GCC women creativity and to support and encourage each other.

keep up your good work dear.