10 December 2010


Turbans is definitely an increasing trend, here in Kuwait I saw two girls wearing turbans instead of the shielah and it looked amazing on them, I don't know if it's for me, but I admire who can wear it with allure like Liz Taylor the icon of old school glamour and also Sheikha Mozah who have a distinguish style.. for me I decided that it's a must have for this season but actually require some bravery..


Sn3a said...

it's an accessory item for non mohajjabat it is NOT HIJAB
so it shouldn't replace shailah it doesn't cover anything

star said...

Hi sn3a

I agree and disagree with you, 9a7 it's not a replacment for shailah but as I said in this season we wear high/ turtle neck and I always wrap my neck with pashmina's shawl and with the shailah it's huge amount of kham so if the turban could solve this issue and also represent hijab in a good islam way it's fine, both girls I saw kan shakilhum mu7tarm oo ma hawaloo fi a3marhum bel3aks kano very fashionable

أميرة عربية said...

حلو و انيق بس مو حجاب الاذن و الرقبة احسن شيليه ليش مأذية روحج