09 August 2009

يا بلااااااااااش

last year Star saw these CHANEL flipflop in UK and USA , the price ranges between 80 to 120 KD if I still remember correct and in each country her size was in the wrong colors ..

Now , Forever 21 have rleased something very close to the CHANEL Camellia Jellies , and are priced at a 5$ only .. COOL !


رورو الشخبوطه said...

احب المواضيع اللي جذي..

حلو 5 دولار اقل من دينارين ..

وناسه بس وردة شانيل اكشخ خخ..

مشكوره خيتو..

djandal said...

bs hathe ta7reg el a9ab3 ;/

lazy dazy said...

حبتك العافيه يا رورو
أكيد أكشخ شانيل بعد

eShloon ??ma fahamt ??