15 August 2009


Welcome to my exhibition for unique dara3a and dresses .... In bait dema beside Starbucks church .. On Aug 15 For three Days. From 10-1 & 5-10 ... Don't miss it:) by liberty (Hessa almulla)

our first expo for Ramadhan will starts on 15/8/2008 till 18/8/2009 .. to see u there is our pleasure please don't miss it and bring ur friends with u :)
Adailiya. Block 2. Almoro2a street diverted from Abdulla alhajery street. House 12

National Net Company is happy to inform you that it will have its first event of the year ( Food Avenue ) for supporting the small food projects which will be held in Movenpick - Conference Hall & Royal Suite - Free Zone on 16-17-18/8/2009


رورو الشخبوطه said...

موفقه يارب..


star said...

هاي رورو

اليوم رحت معرض الفود افنيو حلو كل كورنر حلويات احلى من الثاني و ما شاء الله الي طاغي الكب كيك والكوكيز

بس ما رحت معرض ليبرتي ولا معرض كازا روزا

عاد انا شاريه من ليبرتي من قبل ستايلها ناعم و بسيط يبيلي امرهم

الله يوفقهم