24 January 2011

Lacroix for Desigual

Monseiur Lacroix is doing a capsule collection for Desigual, fall 2011 and summer 2012.. these photos from the first collection includes 30 pieces presented at Barcelona Fashion Week. did you know that Desigual means not the same in Spanish which represent their concept, and who is better than Christian Lacroix to team up with and create "a breath of fresh air for the brand, Lacroix-style clothes within the Desigual’s Universe" as the Desigual blog describe's it.. link


الليوان said...

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بس الحين تذكرتها...

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تسلمين يا حلوه


star said...

الليوان hello

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nnosha2011 said...

لوولي اموت ولا اللبس جذي

star said...


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