31 January 2011

Noura's Fab Designs Bibs

All I can say is these bibs are soooo cuuuuuute and will make a stylish mom happy to get them for the cutest adorable baby, it's a creative idea to continue using our traditional Kuwaiti phrases, and they are the project of blogger Noura *sweet* to bring something different under the spotlight. It really caught my eye.
*well done and best of luck*
available at www.panacheous.com


candy cotton said...

وايد حلوين ويعطيج الف عافيه على الموضوع الحلو وايد

star said...

Hello candy cotton


اي والله عجيبين الله يوفقها

النوري said...

thanx hon for the support and lovely words "blushing"

star said...


you deserve all the best :*