30 May 2011

in & out of may

Hi girles :)

this is my may hits and misses


Blanc Régent from Biogénie

this cream have been prescribed by my Derma Doc long time ago and i used to like it, I remmemberd it recently and so I bought it again .. well I khow now why did I loved it back then its really a good moisturizing cream that help in fading skin's pigmentary marks and nourishes the complexion and adds brightness and radiance to your skin. its a french brand sold at phaemaces.

créme de jour from louis widmer

this is my daily moistusizing cream its light in textureit but deeply moisturise the skin and also help slow down the skin ageing process as it contains some anti-ageing ingredients the smell is a little off but this is the only down fall. highly recommended


The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash and Toner.

the cleancing wash is oil-free and soap-free gel that should deep cleanses to clear open pores and rinse away excess oils and impurities, the Toner is also oil-free and it should help to minimize pores and reduce excess oil .. me as an oily skin person is highly sensitive to the word soap-free in a wash ( cause I had enough from the strong stuff ) I automaticly graped it, but maybe its toooo mild, I have to wash my face twice to get the feeling that my skin is clean, the toner is strange also there is bubles on top and it's foams in the cotton pad like it's kind of soapy water , ewww . I really hated it , maybe and thats my guess that because of the seaweed ingredient in this line that my face have this strange rash around my eyes and mouth ??? I stoped using it imedetly.. another off factor for me was this loud scents in these product , such strongly perfumed smell kind of like some hotel toiletries which I hate and never use..

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