29 May 2011

BB updates





I noticed that many westren brands now have a BB Creams on their line of products imitating the asian brands it's a massive market the asian market with a new "habba" wich is the BB creams , I hope they treat us as an asian market cause we are asian after all, so that we can enjoy useing these BB creams here in Kuwait .


Anonymous said...

BB cream originate from Korea if I'm not mistaken. I'm a big Fan of Dr G, Hydra Intensive BB cream!

lazy dazy said...

actully it was originated in germany by derma doctors to treat post laser patiants to help heal the skin after laser and to cover the redness .. but the beautiful korean actress started to use them and voila we have a trend that spred every where .. and wow that sounds good thanks for the recommand C :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info hun! If you have a chance to come to Malaysia, you will find lots of weird products from Korea, Japan and Taiwan :) These countries are crazy about beauty products. I tried the latest product by Sophie Monk, it was nice :) I'm loving the essence. Does Kuwait have this brand?

Oh btw I'm so in love in trying new products, love your blog :****

lazy dazy said...

I'm sooooooooo dreaming of going to malaysia i've been naging to my family to plan a trip to KL .. hopefully in the near future they will agree ^_^

I don't think we have sophie monk in kuwait but I'm not sure.. enjoy them dear cause you deserve the best .. and I love your sweet comments big time ..