06 May 2011

beauty hits and misses

Hi Dears :)

I'm gonna make a mini review on some of the products that I loved or dummped this month ..


Rexol acne tretment with Salicylic Acid, it's sposed to clear your acne, blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. great yes !! but I didn't like it a bet .. first it doesnt come out ??? no matter how hard I squeeze, it does not come out ?? I hate that, its very very thik paste cream and after I but it for a couble of times my pores became so large eww eww .. Sucks

No.7 puriying toner , it's very sheap , and thats it , I didn't see any thing special about it , you khnow when you wipe you face with the toner how does the cotton pad will have some traces of dirt and dead skin , this one doesnt do that no matter how many times you wipe , for me thats not good, becouse I khow that my face is not clean enogh, so stay away from it it's just not worth it.

Not a hit nor a miss O_o

Rexol vitamin - c face wash , this one it's not quite a miss really, I kind of like it in away , but I don't think I will buy it again with so many other options in the market , when you use it your face is brightened instantly and the smell is very plesent and I like thats its a gel rather than a thick creamy wash .. so i donno, maby you should try it and see if you like or not.

Estee lauder idealist pore minimizer serome.. I'm reallllly disappointed about how things have turn out in regard to this prouduct , I really liked it's effect on my skin, I've totlly seen my pores beeing reduced and shrunken , but unfortunately my skin had a hideuse breakout :( so in the meantime i've stopped using to see the real cause of my breakout ..


Sensai Cellular Performance toner , a total pampering for your skin , it's an anti ageing toner with silk particals and it smell just amaaaaaaaaazing the fragrance is sposed to be relaxing , I just love it .

Estee lauder advanc night repair ... where do I start :) it's my new descovery , I can see and feel the improvment on my skin after I used thid product , thank you estee lauder ..

La roche-posay effaclr cleansing gel .. being a FAN of blear waldorf :) I had to try her favorite skin care brand , and now I'm sold , It's the first time I find a facewash that's not only deal with my oily skin but respect the fact thats it's also a sensitive skin , my skin is smooth and soft rather than dehydrated and itchy .. recomended ..

hope this post was helpfull girls :)


رورو الشخبوطه said...

مشكوره على الرفيو ..

بس انتي شنو نوع بشرتج ؟

lazy dazy said...

اهلين رورو حياك الله
انا بشرتي دهنية بس اتحسس بسرعه يعني تقدرين تقولين مختلطه