17 July 2009

Bejeweled blackberry bold !!

Knalihs Athem Blackberry bold limited diamond edition is customized with the buyer’s choice of pink, yellow, black, champagne and white diamonds. The back of the phone is also customized with leather, crocodile or snake skin, or denim.
is it the most expensive Blackberry in the world? Unfortunately, the price of Athem’s Blackberry seems to have been filed under “If you have to ask, you’ll never know.”

ملاحظة :خبر سخيييف أدري بس الي عنده مال ومحيرو .. يجييب حمام ويطيرو .. وعلشان هبه البلاك بيري مو بس ديزي تتطنز على الهبات ;p

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رورو الشخبوطه said...


اهما جذي الهبه يهبون باشي ليما يكرهونج فيه فجاءه يختفي ويطلع شي 2بداله ..

فسق وانا اختج :)