19 July 2009

blast from the bast ...

وانا صغيره احب اي كارتون فيه بوني ولا خيل .. توني اكتشفت هل خصله فيني
and I LOOOVE Youtube , I can watch some of my favorite cartoons from my childhood
thees is two cartoon I liked to watch when I was little I just found them in youtube.com ..

this one is hilarious .. it's called the hunchback pony ( المهر الأحدب )..

and this is a nice one too ..


The.One said...

يحليلــج ^.^

رورو الشخبوطه said...

ياحلاة الباباي وخاصة بابايات قبل..

مرسو خيتو..

lazy dazy said...

thanks ..

Anonymous said...

then you must watch this one


lazy dazy said...

thanks , I used to love her hear :)