22 July 2009

therapy within a hair brush

do you want to protect your blond, brown or black hair color??

do you what reduce the dandruff problem ??

or hydrate your dry hair ??

and much much more ...

well your hair brush can do it for you .. do you remember the hair stylists advice for us to brush our hair as much as we can.. I guess that GOODY company want us to have that..

they have a verity of brushes for every need and hair condition:

this Copper brush kills the fungus and bacteria that causes dandruff and a dry flaky scalp.

The natural ingredient, jojoba oil, infused in this brush helps repair dry and damaged hair.

There are soo many more and you can check it through this link


رورو الشخبوطه said...

خوش شي ..

انا حبيت مشط بدي شوب والحجيه اللي تبيع فيه << خخ تقول يحرك الدوره الدمويه..

اما هذا شكله وايد احلى وافيد اللي اعرفه يعانون من القشره بشكل وايد صعب بقولهم عنه..

ومرسي خيتوو..

star said...