13 July 2009

Hotel for Fish !!!

hotel or motel , it's for pet fish
In Dutch, at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, there is a new hotel just for fish !!! imagine that !!
Travelers, concerned about leaving fishies at home, can deposit their pets in the huge tank before they depart .. what do you think ???

يختي كل شي يدلعونه حتى السمك


رورو الشخبوطه said...

ياحليلهم عز عز ..

بس ناقصهم قرقور :)

مشكوره ..

احنا بالكويت يقولون عندنا للجلاب عزج الله او القطاوه ..


lazy dazy said...

اي والله عز
وبعد حاطين لهم حمام سباحه وكراسي تشمس
والله طماااشه
عيل السمك اشفهمه بهل السوالف