17 July 2009

smart USB ..

I came across these very nice ideas , you plug them into your laptop's USB port and enjoy the easiness of modern life ..

smart online shop ..

the world’s first truly secure personal credit card reader, you can swipe your credit card at your home just like you would in a store ,the best part is that your credit card information is safe and secure... Love it .

the second Idea is that Heinz creates the world's smallest microwave and you can plug it into your laptop. يا سلاااام اي هذي الاختراعات

It is the world's smallest, portable microwave and can be powered via a link to the USB port on a laptop computer, apart from its size, the key breakthrough is the use of a combination of mobile phone radio frequencies to create the heat to heat a pie, a burger, a cup of soup or tea in quick time .


رورو الشخبوطه said...

ماشاءالله خوش اختراعات ..

انا كان ودي اخذ الفواحه مالت يو اسم بي بس الله ماكتب ..

مشكوره خيتو..

lazy dazy said...

ونااسه شنهي هل الفواحه ؟؟ وليش ما حصلتيها ؟؟
اللحين كل شي تركبينه على هل لاب توب ..

tanks roro..