13 July 2009

tea coffee ..

I Love coffee , No I'm addicted to coffee ..
some time I try to drink tea but I drink coffee more , cafe late for breakfast and turkish coffee after meals or cappuccino with dessert and the best of all arabic coffee .. the smell of fresh coffee Uhhh ..
But ,
I really like to cut back the amount I consume from it , to much caffeine in not a good thing and it stain teethes ..

So , I came across this Teecino a "coffee alternative" that's made from all-natural ingredients and it's acid-free ,caffeine-free and helps to improve digestion and elimination plus increase absorption of calcium and minerals ..
sound good right ?
people who use Teecino say that it smells like coffee, it looks like coffee and it taste somehow like coffee not a bad taste actually ..

I realy would like to try it I will look for it in TSC or dean & deloca if it's not avaliable here I will order it and give you a feed back on this tea coffee thing ..


رورو الشخبوطه said...

هلا لزي..

انتي عكسي انا احب الرغوه اللي ع الكايتشينو والكريمه فوق الهوت جوكلت وسوالف ستار بوكس اكلها عقب اخلي الباجي ماحب ..

وبنفس الوقت انتي مثل رفيجتي من كثر ماتحبها اهي تحب العربي قامت تحلم انها تشربها خخ..

بالعافيه يارب ..

lazy dazy said...

عاد بالحلم لا ما وصلت بس يمكن بالمستقبل
يا حلو دله القهوة بس يا حلوها