27 September 2011

Kiss Me Heroine mascara

Kiss me Heroine make up is one of the top asian drugstore make up brands 
I don't khow weather it's the pretty packaging with the lovely manga heroine or the good quality of the products but Kiss me mascaras are the most popular mascaras in Japan
I was sooooooooo happy to find a stand of Kiss me stuff at watsons
the mascaras are pretty gooood they give your lashes a fake lash look with a glossy finish just as their reputation claim .. but they are sooooo smudgeproof .. waterprproof ... Cleansing Wipesproof ... they last forever ... too hard to remove .. excepet for cleansing oils you wont get them off !!    They actually have their own mascara remover for taking them off .. but what ever ..I like the look they give my lashes and I know a lot of people do like these mascaras and count me one of them ..


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