27 September 2011

??what is Baumkuchen

Baumkuchen means "tree cake" .. It is a layered cake resembling the rings of a tree because it is made by pouring layer after layer of batter typically 15 to 20 layers on a spit over heat so that you end up with a multilayered circular cake .. It is a traditional dessert in many countries throughout Europe and now a popular snack and dessert in Japan and are used as a return present for wedding guests since it resembles a ring...

I came across this dessert while watching  Amano Ichigo tasks to become a pastry chef in the popular anime Yumeiro Patissiere ^_^ ( don't laugh please) ..

ever since I saw this episode I craved this dessert .. I came a cross it again in " Isetan" it's a department store like the macy's of Malaysia .. they opend recently a food section in their store at Suria KLCC mall and guess what ?? they are desplaying "baumkuchen "

dosen't this cake looks YUUUUUMY ???  where can I find it in Q8 ???


Anonymous said...

Wooooooow shinoo hathaaa mosta7eeel abeeeeeh :((( shawagteny lazem n7a9la.. Its a must

Dolores said...

شكله لذيذ يم يمي ..
انشالله تلاقونه

حابه اسال قبل حاطين عن استخدامكم لجهاز (ميا) كلرسونيك
على اللونغ رن شلون نتيجته ع البشره؟


star said...


I know we want it too :(

7ayach ;)


أن شاء الله مشكوورة

وبالنسبة للميا: وايد زينة وكلش مو متحسفة اني شريتها شوفي اهي ما تسوي العجايب وتروح كل مشاكل بشرتج بسببها بس راح تخلي الغسول مالج تزيد فايدته 3 اضعاف وتنظف بشرتج عدل واذا انتي على طول تحطين ميك اب فوايد زينه في تنظيف البشرة انا ما احط ميك اب يوميا فمرات اطوف استخدام الميا بس لما كنت استخدمها كل يوم فرقت بشرتي

Anonymous said...

You won't find it here. I saw it in Dubai in I think Mariott Hotel. This cake is famous in Germany and it is done for christmas usually.. when I'm in any german city I keep asking about it. sometimes I find it in special store:)

النوري said...

mako tell me if u find any