05 September 2011

trip to Kuala Lampure - KLCC

this was our first visit to KL
we didn't know what to expect since some people love KL and other don't
but we had such a lovely time, the Eid morning was so beautiful and the Eid prayer calling was soo close by and the shopping was a PLUS ..:)

Stunning green landscapes from the airplane Window ..

KLCC - the towers and the park

Such amazing weather

we choose the Mandrine Orintal hotel  such a lovely hotel with Asian theme and great hospitality


the cute kimono in the closet

Yummy exotic fruits that changes every day 

best Tea I ever tasted

we had our breakfast in here


رورو الشخبوطه said...

ودي اروح ماليزيا ..

وخوش جولة مشاءلله..

شكرا ع صور ..

star said...

رورو ان شاء الله تروحين في اقرب فرصة

مشكوورة :*