17 September 2011

trip to Kuala lumpur- City attractions

 Let's continue our tour around Kl ..

this is the National Mosque of Malaysia .. with big open marble halls and corridors and many fountains indoors and outdoors, It won't take long to look around the mosque but it's worth visiting ..

this is the Old Railway Station building facing the Mosque

We  took pictures outside the Mosque.. 

On our waay we passed by the Malasian King Palace .. It was the first day of Eid Alfitr and as you can see people gather around the gates waiting for them to be open, our driver told us that these people line up for greeting the king's .. He host an open house for the local and tourists..

you can see a long white tent after the gates .. It's for a local food and malaysian delights feast open for the public .. also the prime minister do the same thing in his Residence in Putrajaya ..

we visited the Bird Park .. it was a cloudy day but a little hot  ..when you buy the tickets they give you wrist bands and a map for the park, the birds are gaceless so they fly freely also it was great for kids to feed them and be close to diffrent types of birds, we did get close to the birds around the place .. although the park was large it was packed with soo many visitors ..but we had a good time here 

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