12 September 2011

Tokyo Street

OH MY GOD , Thank you ..Thank you .. Thank you

I was palnning a trip to Tokyo (my LUV) with star, our paln initially was to go japan in june this year but unfortunately after the quake and the radiation leakage of Fukushima plant we canceled our trip :(

BUT, Oh GOD I love you , in planning our trip to malaysia we came across the fact of a new part added to the famous Pavilion Kuala Lumpur which is " Tokyo Street " inspired by Ginza and Shibuya's cityscapes as well as the Imperial history Japan , situated on Level 6 and opened on the 29th of July 2011 :) yaaaaaaaay

the huge welcoming lantern

it's like I'm walking in a manga dream of mine

Binto Box any one ??

Shinmino japanese crepes

Zen Bonsai

OH Japan gift shop  
I bought some kawaii souvenirs 

a pretty Kimono and there was some lovely Yukata

Matsuri Mart
a little super market filled with japanese goodies

Mochi Sweets
every time beeing sold out :(

bye bye Tokyo street
 we had soooo much fun


RuBY_GLooM said...

Loved all the trip posts! But this one is the Best! <3 Japan
Glad you had fun in there :) 3alaikm bel3afyaaaa

lazy dazy said...

الله يعافيك روبي
الحمد الله ان ياز لك البوست
وان شاء الله تصير لك زيارة قريبا له