16 June 2011

بوكي اليديد

At last I bought a new wallet :) I was searching for agood wallet ( big space and many card slots ) for quite some time now , I really wanted a chanel one but I didn't like the collection available, my old one was an LV too but now it's going to retire thank you very much ..


DoDoq8 said...

يشوق عليييج بالعافيه وصج احلى شي بواكه LV

ماكان فيه اللون الاحمر ؟

lazy dazy said...

الله يعافيك :)

امبلا كان فيه لون احمر ولون وردي
بس امس يوم اروح موديل البوك كان خالص
انا شاريته من شهر تقريبا