14 June 2011


I was intrduced to chapati 9ot Al-hind loooong ago by my colleagues and I guess it's famous, it taste really good and different than the one's in the co-op branches, when ever I'm craving chapati I remember this tiny shop.. do you like chapati and from where do you  buy it??


النوري said...

i buy it from jam3ya mal saralee chinna esma frozen o any time i need it i take one and just put it on frying pan o agalba until its ready love love love

star said...

hala oo gala النوري

yeh yeh 6ala3tay chef chapati ;)

ee I know it the one in yellow/orang bag yehabel our favorite too :)

RuBY_GLooM said...

The One and Onlt 9ot el Hind .. still it's the best chabati everrrrr.. :) glad my new work is even more close to it ;)

Shaikah said...

واااي نفسنا
الوالد مطعمه المفضل صوت الهند
كله يبلنا منه جباتي
بس من زمان مو يايبلنا يبيله شوقتيني

خووش بوست

star said...

hiii Ruby

looool ee 9a7 9ar agrab sheway :)

hiii Shaikah

Allah yekhalii lukm elwaled :)

نزهاويه said...

انا اشتري من الهندي اللي بجمعيتنا :p

star said...


بالعافية ،، عيل انا ما اشتري من جمعيتنا مو زود

أميرة عربية said...

عجيب جباتيهم بالعافية

star said...

أميرة عربية

الله يعافيج :)