27 June 2011

june in and out

Genki datta ??


these are some of my fav-dumpped products for june .. I try to add some new buys to my current skin care routine to test if I could reach a better skin but I would also have setbacks that I'm better off not using them .. so hope you like my monthly beauty resolutions ..


white tree clarifying toner
  from THE FACE SHOP.. it gently exfoliate to smooth and softens the skin and packed with vit-C for brightening and mineral spa water from Yuzawa- Japan to hydrate and gives a dewy glow .. I'm in love with the smell sooo fresh and it's kinnda thick toner like a gel not watery as your usual toner wich is perfect when you need extra  hydrating for your skin ..


White cure real expert serum

from MISSHA .. it spose to improve dark spots and discoloration by controling creation of melanin to improve dull complexions ..  but unfortunately what I got was redness , irritation and I broke out terribly afterward and what is worse is that it was expensive :( and the smell , Oh my GOD it's soooooo strong to the point that I can't even bare to put it .. very regrettable purchase..

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