26 June 2011

say hello to my mia

I received an early birthday present ..

 the Clarisonic mia with my favorite color and personalized handle with MY NAME plus my favorite nickname "the star" super duper cuuuute ..

Now let's talk a little bit about my new pampering toy .. it comes with gentle hydro cleanser (trial size) + sensitive brush head also as a bonus I received a FREE GIFT : deep pore cleansing brush head + refreshing gel cleanser (real size) + cute travel bag .. I'm totally happy with it

the mia + cleanser + charger

the free gift : extra brush head + cleanser + cute bage

family picture

thank you 


snow-white said...

3endi nafsa baa marka thania
3alich be al3afia

Anonymous said...

Wow nice gift. Do they sell them in kuwait? I've been looking for one for ages :(

star said...

hi snow white :)

thank you dear ..nice ay markah your tool ??

allah ye3afich

star said...


thank you .. no it's by order from the us :)

Anonymous said...

The concept of personalize with one's name is so cute!

star said...

hello C :)

tottaly agree, I guess it makes your own more with your name on it

Dear Romeo said...

3laich bl3afya

star said...

Hello Dear Romeo :)

allah ye3afich mashkoorah :)