20 June 2011

Shiseido first impression

I got a new toner "balancing softener alcohol-free" from the Pureness line, I thought it would be good for my skin for summer super duper hot weather .. I liked the pump dispenser and that it's not expensive I have to give it a try for a couple of days and see if it will work for my skin .. AND the good part I got a gift love these tiny bags with samples to try .. my bag include two samples from the Skincare line: a gentle Cleansing cream and a softener lotion that I want to try cause I wasn't sure to get it or the pureness one which I went with and got the other as a sample.. problem solved

Any way have you tried the Pureness line or any other products from Shiseido that you do recommend ?


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of Shiseido! From head to face! I used Shiseido shampoo and conditioner from Senscience range. For face, I used Aqualable, a Shiseido baby brand but now I changed to Sophie Monk. For makeup, I use Shiseido baby brand, Majolica Majorca :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yea I was tempted to try Shiseido White Lucent series :D

star said...

Hello dear C ^_^

waw these brands will be in my list unfortunately we only have the mothership "Shiseido" loool sold here in kuwait.. and we still didn't get the white lucent line :/

I think the shiseido pureness toner made my skin break out O_o I'll stop it for a week or so :(