24 June 2011

my most wackiest beauty product

let me interduce the famouse BAG BALM ..

 this gooey yellow ointments heels dry facial skin, cracked fingers, burns, zits, diaper rash, sunburn and even radiation burns. this stuff went from barns to drug stores when dairy farmers' wives noticed how smooth their spouses' fingers were after using it on cows .. it was on oprah show and after reading how it  workes wonders on dry skin I bought my little green tin from walgreens but mentally i was not ready to use something that is spoused to be for animels .. so I don't use it and just keep it as beauty souvenir cause I like the retro look tin ..

do you have some bizzar beauty item, do tell us ...


Anonymous said...

I would not use this on my face! But maybe on body hehe :D

Anonymous said...

Well I've heard about real-life pixie dust!
It's basically podwer mader from pig bladder and it's used to regrow lost body parts!
ya3ne It can't get more bizzare than this lol
It sounds like a media hoax to me. after all, I DID see it on Oprah, and we all know ina that person loves ratings and publicity. bs itha elkhabar 9iji, just imagine how this discovery can change the way we live. ya3ne ymkn ngdar nistakhdema in beauty products lilsha3ar, acne scars, o ghera. halpodwer moo mtwafir leljamee3 o wayed mit7aftheen 3ala halsalfa...
لكن هل استخدامه يجوز من ناحية الشرع؟ باعتبار انه حيوان نجس
و هل هناك علاقة بين أثر هذه المادة و كون الخنزير ممسوخ؟
I wonder

lazy dazy said...

yah, it's very tempting right !!