02 June 2011

Estee Lauder Super Flight Creme

I've been forgetful lately, while I was looking at my mobile pictures I remembered that I didn't do a review for the Estee Lauder super flight I bought from Dubai duti free.. it's a set of an eye cream and a face cream for dry and sensitive skin suffering on the flight from dryness, These will give you continuous hydration for your eyes and face. what's great about it that you'll have intensive moisturising benefits also last for eight hours..

soo of course I had to get myself one of this set, not because I'm a frequent flyer *I wish*, but our weather really doesn't give our skin a chance to stay fresh and hydrated .. I'm using the eye cream on a daily basis but the face cream just when I feel that my regular moisturiser is not doing a good job for my skin.

Now the review:

sometimes I notice little heads on undereyes skin especially when I use with it  la prairie white essenece  maybe because I put a heavy layer from the super flight and it's a rich cream and maybe I shouldn't use it every day. other than that I'm liking the results of them both.

as a gift I've got from daywear line a sheer tinted moisturizer, and a nice key chain from vresus. I love gifts :)


Anonymous said...

I just saw this in Miami airport and when I asked about it they said that this line was done for airline stewards:) just to let u know:)
I love your posts they are always informative..thanks for the effort dear:)

star said...

Hi Anonymous

thank you sooo much for your kind words they mean alot to me

now I love this line much more,, any thing I hear airline stewards uses I'm sold cause there skin always looks amazing @@
I remember chatting with a beautiful british girl sitting next to me in a nails spa when i knew she's aflight attendant first thing I asked what do you use on your skin ;)

سوزان said...

I am using EL Daywear for about a year. Now they have the glass jar for the SPF 15 with more antioxidants it is lighter than the previous one in tube with SPF 30 (the one I used for nearly 9 months). I do not like the tinted moisturizer as it feel so heavy on my skin.

star said...

dear سوزان

welcome to our blog :)

thank you for sharing your review about the day wear since I got a small jar of it with an EL starter kit, I've tried the tinted moisturizer and agree with you but I try to use it instead of foundation for summer time :)