28 June 2011

Eye Care Duo

I have a dark circles issue under my eyes and to find an eye cream that multitasks so many issues is not an easy task actually it sounds like a dream..
I had to try few products and see if  they work in a way that make no allergic reaction plus really brightened up my eye area .. I've been using the Estee lauder night eye cream for a while now and it's good but with one side effect in the morning my skin gets dry and I see fine lines form around the eye area. it's weird I know my skin has the weirdest reactions .. So, I needed an eye cream that is nicely hydrating plus suits my skin problems  most important sensitivety .. I went to Boots and was looking in the skincare shelves and Bingo .. I found this Aqua line from Eucerin for moisturising it's an amazing product I use it in the morning by it's own and again in night timewith the EL which I believe become more effective with the aqua cream and my dark circles don't look as bad lately.. So, yay I am impressed!


Shaikah said...

خوش بوستات وايد استفدت قواكم الله
وابشرج حبيبتي الحمدلله راحت الاكزيما
نشوفج على خير مسافره ان شاء لله حيوحشني البلوق ده ههه

star said...

helloo shaikah

العفو وهالشي يفرحنا حياج الله في كل وقت

الحمد الله هاذي صج بشارة وبالسلامة ان شاء الله تستانسون وتروحين وترجعين بالسلامة